Natalie Dray

Opening Saturday, October 26th at 1pm

concrete, pewter, haft promoter, 1k auto body paint
120 x 58 x 10 cm

Tom Howse

Precambrian Swamp Jazz

Opening Saturday 31st of August, 1 – 4 pm

Hyperconscious Frog Sonnets / 2019 / Acrylic on Flax / 220 x 350 cm

Tom Howse’s paintings balance between realism and fantasy and explore what the artist describes as the dichotomy between our quest to know and our fallibility to comprehend. Explaining the mysteries of the cosmos, the earth and humanity; the theme of life and death; and the causes and meaning of natural phenomena, has bewildered humanity since ancient times. Taking it’s form in folklore and myths, Howse is interested in how humans are drawn towards explanations found within these stories and how they are used to sooth the fear of the unknown.

Tom Howse was born in Chester, England in 1988. The artist currently lives and works in London.
In 2018 he was one of five artists to receive the John Moore’s Painting Prize and was shortlisted for the Caitlin Prize (2012) and the Prunella Clough Painting Award (2012). Recent solo exhibitions; Post- Celestial Compost, 2017, Rod Barton Gallery, London; Secondhand Toad Poems, 2017, Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich. Selected group exhibitions; I Must Be Seeing Things,2019, Ratskeller Galerie, Berlin; Kaleidoscope,2019, Saatchi Gallery, London; Condo London,2019, Koppe Astner, London; John Moore’s Painting Prize, 2018, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Installation view
Smoke in the Rain, 2019 / Acrylic on Flax / 190 x 170 cm
Boltzmann’s Desert, 2019 / Acrylic on Flax / 220 x 350 cm
Carl and the Coelacanth, 2019 / Acrylic and pastel collage on Flax / 220 x 350 cm
Bat Cactus, 2019 / Acrylic on linen / 41 x 31 cm
Installation view


Roald Kyllingstad

Opening Saturday May 11th I 1 – 4 pm

Exhibition period May 12th – June 14th

Stjernenatt I Starry Night / 2018 / 100 x 150 cm / pastel

Roald Kyllingstad (*1942) lives and works in Stavanger, Norway. The artists high-end finished exhibits intersect photorealism and abstract painting. His paintings are workings of extraordinary precision, proficient craftmanship and subtle nuances of colours – the almost hyperreal images are solely crafted with pastel crayons. His subjects are frozen moments of tranquility, deserted spots at night and abandoned places. Kyllingstad’s motifs are selected from the world of consumerism: shop window displays, shop interiors or parking-lots. He translates those ‚familiar’ pictures into a preternatural dimension far beyond the wellknown or trivial. The impact and application of artifical light is one of his most chief instruments. „I am fascinated the way light can alter the shape and surface of any objects“, says Kyllingstad. Even if he grants us a view of those in-depth and photorealistic scenarios, we are left outside, merely observers: astonished, bewildered and puzzled. Kyllingstad shows the paradox behind the ‚illusion of transparency’. Not: We see, what we see! But: We see what we want to see! As a result of each individual experience.

Our perception is not transparent und our sense of reality is not common. What is left, is the disbelief in an objective reality, in the existence of an impartial outside world.

Nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensibus

(There appear not to be any ideas in the mind before the senses have conveyed any in. According to Aristoteles)

Opening hours during the exhibition from May 19th, by appointment: +47 91613947

Bar, 2018 Pastel 100 x 170 cm
Labyrinth 2019 Pastel 100 x 150 cm
Hotel Room no.1 2019 Pastel 38 x 54 cm
Dark room with mirror 2019 Pastel 70 x 100 cm
Lighted entrance 2019 Pastel 38 x 54 cm
Electric Blue 2018 Paste 100 x 170 cm


December 2nd 2018 – January 13th 2019

From Tue 11th – Sun 23rd of December, weekdays by appointment only.

Saturday  11:00 – 15:00 / Sunday 12:00 – 16:00

Installation view

205 x 7 x 2,5 cm

22 x 9 x 9cm

Felt, string of led
Size variable
Installation view

Wood, stone, sprig and wax
129 x 19 x 12 cm

Textile, wax and steel
Size variable

Bronze, wood
11 x 5,5 x 6,3 cm

205 x 7 x 2,5 cm

No.5 (Vintereple)
Patinated bronze
130 x 8 x 10 cm

Banksia nut, pastel, steel
22 x 8 x 14 cm

happy valley killer hare


Opening Friday October 26th, 7 pm

Last week from Tue 20th – Fri 23rd of November, by appointment only.

Saturday 24th  11:00 – 15:00 / Sunday 25th   12:00 – 16:00

killerhare arriving with two new friends, 2018
Patinated bronze
130 x 110 x 65 cm

happy valley killer hare
Installation view

the set up,2018
oil pastel on paper
224 x 380 cm
Each sheet:50 x 70 cm


happy valley killer hare, 2018
Installation view




A Full Stomach In Zero Gravity


Florian Neufeldt Sealed vessels, 2018

Björn Braun
Andreas Breunig
Karsten Födinger
Sabrina Fritsch
Christin Kaiser
Robert Kraiss
Florian Neufeldt Andreas Plum

Installation view

Andreas Breuning
Hi_LoRes No 40-43, 2016
Oil, graphite and charcoal on canvas
140 x 100 cm


Installation view

Robert Kraiss
O.T (Come on Baby light my fire), 2017
Pencil on paper
215 x 202 cm

Karsten Födinger
Untitled, 2018
Reinforcement basket, concrete
110 x 220 x 20 cm

Installation view

Sabrina Fritsch
M.v., 2017
Oil, acrylic on burlap
250 x 180 cm

Andreas Plum
Strasse der Jugend 3, 2018
Oil, charcoal and paper on canvas
172 x 232 cm


Installation view

Christin Kaiser
Gewand, 2018
Stoff, polstervlies
295 x 103 cm

Björn Braun
Untitled (Wildschweinkessel), 2014
Resin, soil, steel
78 x 70 x 53 cm

Installation view

Robert Kraiss
O.T # 1-2, 2017
Pencil on paper






flipping birds and crushed oysters
like dreamland pools –
we push
through a limelight of dismay
in the passage – deeply set
ever so slightly tectonic plates shift
with a
long slow squeeze*