Rebecca Ackroyd: DRAIN
John Zurier
Regulars, Actually (Group exhibition
OPALS (Group exhibition)
On the House (Group exhibition)
Olve Sande: Vinduskutt
Sverre Wyller: Nye arbeider
Roald Kyllingstad: Nye arbeider
Per Dybvig: The Hunter – A Tale From the Woods
Charles Gaines | Carla Guagliardi | Franka Hörnschemeyer
Stanley Whitney: Paintings
Dag Erik Elgin: Evening Drawings (Abendzeichnungen)
Natasja Askelund: Indestructible
Summer Show (Group exhibition)
Elin Melberg: Float
Per Dybvig: How Flowers Behave
Roald Kyllingstad: Tegning
Chosil Kil: Man of Tomorrow
Disclaimer (Group exhibition)
Notes (On De-Classing) (Group exhibition)
Sverre Wyller: Miramichi
Dag Erik Elgin & Vera Kox
Andreas Plum: Stop Shivering!
Natasja Askelund: Two of a Kind
Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson: Two Ongoing Projets
Else Leirvik: Unconscious and uncool
Chosil Kil: Hyde Park
From Stavanger With Love (Group exhibition)
Mezmerized (Group exhibition)
Bettina Buck: Interlude
Ulrich Vogl: peindre d´abord une cage
Dag Erik Elgin: Originals
Ole Martin Lund Bø: Day for Night
Florian Neufeldt: Im Nacken
Benjamin Greber: Almagia 1
Jone Kvie: Stellar Core
Wolfgang Betke: One Good Painting with Ten Holes Is Better Than Ten Bad Paintings Without Holes